Fueling Broader Horizons



Provide data access modules and appropriate data channels that make it quick and easy to obtain the correct information in order to make critical business decisions. These access modules and channels remove the data acquisition burden from users and enable them to focus on assembling the necessary information to create business value.


Facilitate straightforward assembly of critical information by providing a suite of compact, fit-for-purpose tools that allow users to focus on data use instead of just on data management. Ultimately, provide the right tools and the right information to the right people at the right time to drive end user productivity.


Introduce automation to allow users to eliminate manual tasks and to focus on value-generation activities. Our primary objective is to proactively deliver content based on a user’s profile and further anticipate a user’s needs based on their previous behavior by leveraging machine learning and curation techniques.

We optimize essential data for the energy industry.

At Optify, our mission is to empower industry professionals by providing easy access to their data, tools to quickly assemble the data for use and mechanisms to automate the application of these tools.

It is widely accepted that the Energy industry is highly dependent upon large volumes of data and that companies have expended considerable resources to organize and manage this data. These efforts clearly remain important but often fail to deliver sufficient, practical value to end users.

We believe the next chapter is to turn our focus to the usability of this data. By harnessing the essential information, keeping it current, and making it accessible, our technology enables energy companies of all sizes to use data more effectively and operate more efficiently. The answer is obvious. Optify’s suite of fit-for-purpose software products puts the appropriate tools in your hands and gives you the power to optimize critical drilling decisions.

Our Core Team

Scott Schneider

Scott is a co-founder and President at Optify with over 30 years focused on the commercialization of software products and solutions in various industries with the last 20+ years in the Energy industry.

Scott has worked for numerous startup companies and leading technology companies such as Landmark Graphics, Tobin International, Idea Integration and TGS.

Chris Verret

Chris is a co-founder and Vice President of Product Delivery at Optify with over 15 years of focus on all aspects of product definition, development and delivery, as well as professional services for various commercial software companies and consulting firms.

Chris has worked for many types of software & technology companies, including Bearingpoint, Novoforum, Volant Solutions and TGS.

Alan Henson

Alan is a co-founder and Vice President of Technology & Development at Optify with over 15 years of focus on software development and technology architecture activities for early stage companies and consulting firms.

Alan has worked for various organizations such as Anadarko Petroleum, Volant Solutions, Pariveda Solutions and Perigon Solutions.